10 Steps to Email Authentication ebook cover

Will your emails pass authentication and make it to the inbox?

New email authentication requirements from Google and Yahoo are shining a light on email best practices that have been stuck in the back room with IT for years.

Starting this February, Google and Yahoo starting rolling out new requirements - if you want to send email to anyone with a gmail or yahoo email address (um, all of us, right?), you'll need to have at least basic email authentication (SPF or DKIM).  For bulk senders who send emails to over 5,000 subscribers, DMARC will be required as well.

The alphabet soup of email authentication can be tough to swallow for web professionals and email marketers.  Your email marketing solution provider probably sent you a notification and a page of directions, but how do you know if you did it right?  And have you thought about other places that use your domain email - like your website or your invoice solution?

This short ebook will provide you 10 steps to follow to set up your email authentication.

Bonus:  You'll also get an Email Authentication Tracker (the same one I use for myself and my clients) to help you through the process.

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