I’m Stacy Clements, the owner and currently the sole employee of Milepost 42 LLC. Unlike many small business owners, I like technology! I’ve enjoyed figuring out “computer stuff” since I bought my first computer, a Commodore 64, at age 15. I spent 23 years in the Air Force, much of that time in communications/information and cyber operations. In 2008, I began freelancing and helping people with “web stuff”, building websites, setting up social media and email marketing accounts, and helping to troubleshoot problems.
When I retired from the Air Force, I decided to take my passion for technology, planning, and helping people a step farther, and set up a business to be a resource for other businesses who need help with the “web and technical stuff” we all need to run our businesses. My goal is to be a partner for small business owners and free them to pursue their passions, while I handle the “tech stuff”.